Study on Behaviour of Mortarless Interlocking block Masonry

Study on Behaviour of Mortarless Interlocking block Masonry

Interlocking Block Masonry

Dear viewers here we have share our project on interlocking block masonry, We hope you like it. And one request read it full its interesting.


As name says this type of block are interlock with each other and construct wall without mortar . By providing this type of masonry wo completly deduct the  cost of mortar.
Interlocking block masonry

In normal case of brick masonry or block masonry we frist lay mortar layer then place brick or block in proper position but while in interlocking block masonry we dont required mortar layer that will save tremendous amount of cost.

Shape of interlocking block

Shape & dimensions of interlocking block

As shown in above figure block consist projected portion at the top and slot at the bottom of block. This slot will be same size of projected portion.
Block also consist projected portion at front side and slot at back side.

Length of block = 40cm
Width of block  = 20cm
Height of block = 20cm
Top projection  = 5cm
Bottom slot        = 5cm

Mould for interlocking block masonry

So to construct this special type of block we require special type of mould. After discussing with special block manufacturers we design block mould as shown in below.
Mould for Interlocking block

Components of interlocking block mould.

We divided block mould into three part, lets discuss one by one..

1)Base plate

Base plate is made of G.I sheet and its provided at the bottom mould. We provide level surface of base plate to optain good finishing at bottom of block.

Bass plate for of Interlocking mould

2)Interlocking Frame

Interlocking frame is made of G.I sheet. It provided proper shape at sides of block. bolt arrangement is provided to join plates with each another.

Interlocking frame

3)Wooden frame

It made of four wooden pieces , the function of this frame is to provide top projection shape.To maintain proper position of frame, steel angles are provided as shwon in figure.
Wooden frame of Interlocking mould

Photographs of manufacturing of mould

Construction of interlocking block manufacturing

Firstly we arrange all part of mould. Then we apply oil in surface of mould to get smooth block surface. We make concrete of 1:4:8(cement:sand: aggregate) and place in mould in three layers. Compaction is provided will steel rod and after construction of mould we wait for Harding.
Tamping & placing of concrete

Mixing of concrete

Placing of concrete

We take out block from mould and provide curing for 7 days.
Curing of concrete

Here how our block look after construction.

Arrangement of interlocking block

After construction we arrange block as shown in below figure. We have to arrange such a way that vertical joint dont come in one line.
Arrangement of Interlocking block

Comparison between normal concrete block and interlocking block masonry

1)normal concrete block masonry

2) Interlocking block masonry

Advantages of Interlocking block masonry 

1) Construction time is reduce so cost of construction also reduce.
2)Its Mortarless so cost of mortar reduce.
3)Due to Interlocking properties its easy to construct.
4) No skill labour required for construction.
5) Speedy work
6)No curing is require at site because they are water cured at time of manufacturing.
7) Reference alignment not required because they are self aligned.
8)In temporary structure we can reuse block.

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